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The York
Stock Code: F1
The York (Stock Code: F1)43" x 15" x 33"
1095mm x 380mm x 840mm

The Ascot
Stock Code: F2
The Ascot (Stock Code: F2)36" Dia. x 30"
920mm Dia. x 760mm

The Cheltenham (large)
Stock Code: F3
The Cheltenham (large) (Stock Code: F3)50¾" x 19½" x 32½"
1290mm x 495mm x 825mm

The Cheltenham (small)
Stock Code: F3a
The Cheltenham (small) (Stock Code: F3a)35" x 17½" x 32½"
890mm x 445mm x 825mm

The Richmond
Stock Code: F4
The Richmond (Stock Code: F4)38" x 12¾" x 32¼"
965mm x 325mm x 820mm

The Salisbury (all gold)
Stock Code: F5g
The Salisbury (all gold) (Stock Code: F5g)69¼" x 21" x 40¾"
1770mm x 535mm x 1035mm
Also available in paint and gold

The Salisbury (paint and gold)
Stock Code: F5p
The Salisbury (paint and gold) (Stock Code: F5p)69¼" x 21" x 40¾"
1770mm x 535mm x 1035mm
Also available in all gold

The Oxford
Stock Code: F6
The Oxford (Stock Code: F6)28" x 14" x 30½"
710mm x 355mm x 775mm

All our tables come with marble tops.
Optional extras for all tables:
 Alterations to size: from £70.00
 Made to order or water gilding: Please phone to discuss your requirements

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